2021 Harp Registration - 9/22-9/26


Name  __________________________________________________________________________

Address ________________________________________________________________________

Phone ______________________________________            Email_________________________

Playing level  ___________________________________________

                                                                                     by June 1* by July  15             after July 15  

Wednesday Special Offering                                     

 "Wales to Appalachia"                                      $80 $100                 $125  

Thursday Workshop:                                       $100   $125                   $150                            

Harp and Pipe           


Advanced – Professional Retreat Classes         $250               $265                    $275

FRIDAY – SUNDAY                                                

Intermediate Level Retreat Classes  $250               $265                  $275

FRIDAY – SUNDAY  waiting list                                               


Adv. Beginners  Retreat Classes -           $250               $265                  $275        

FRIDAY – SUNDAY                                                      


Sunday Special: Meditation with Harp                 $10               $15                   $20          

One Hour: Open to ALL

Thursday Evening Concert   - $10 $15                 $20

Willson and McKee

Private Harp Concert    TBA                                     



                                                          TOTAL    _________________________________    



*June 1 Sign-Up: Early Bird Special


PAYMENT: check or money order made out to: Spanish Peaks Harp Retreat

Copy form (or use PDF below), fill out and make a copy for yourself,

and send form with payment to: Nancy Joroff, 343 Hemlock Circle, Lincoln, MA. 01773

After June 30, send to: Nancy Joroff, PO Box 228, Gardner, CO 81040

2021  La Plaza is closed for 9 months.
 Best Western (includes breakfast) 719-738-5700 mention the Harp Retreat for special rate
 The Anchor Motel    Walsenburg    small but clean rooms  no breakfast
 The Loft    Walsenburg    no breakfast

Harp Needs  

Need a harp? If you do not want to bring your harp, 
contact David Kolacny:           
Harp room: The Community Center is locked at night. Harps may be left there but 
 neither the Community Center not the Harp Retreat take any responsibilty for the harps.

Refund Policy:
Full refunds (minus $10) until July 15.  
Half refunds up to August 31.  No refunds after September 1.
If the Harp Retreat decides to cancel due to COVID, full refunds will be sent.
Questions: call Nancy at  978-369-2712 (EST);
  719-207-9808 (Colorado, June 15-Oct. 1)