2021 Harp Registration - 9/22-9/26


Name  __________________________________________________________________________

Address ________________________________________________________________________

Phone ______________________________________            Email_________________________

Playing level  ___________________________________________

                                                                                     by June 1* by July  15             after July 15  

Wednesday Special Offering                                     

 "Wales to Appalachia"                                      $80 $100                 $125  

Thursday Workshop:                                       $100   $125                   $150                            

Harp and Pipe           


Advanced – Professional Retreat Classes         $250               $265                    $275

FRIDAY – SUNDAY                                                

Intermediate Level Retreat Classes  $250               $265                  $275

FRIDAY – SUNDAY  waiting list                                               


Adv. Beginners  Retreat Classes -           $250               $265                  $275        

FRIDAY – SUNDAY                                                      


Sunday Special: Meditation with Harp                 $10               $15                   $20          

One Hour: Open to ALL

Thursday Evening Concert   - $10 $15                 $20

Willson and McKe

Private Harp Concert    TBA                                     



                                                          TOTAL    _________________________________    



*June 1 Sign-Up: Early Bird Special


PAYMENT: check or money order made out to: Spanish Peaks Harp Retreat

Copy form (or use PDF below), fill out and make a copy for yourself,

and send form with payment to: Nancy Joroff, 343 Hemlock Circle, Lincoln, MA. 01773

After June 30, send to: Nancy Joroff, PO Box 228, Gardner, CO 81040

La Plaza Inn has a limited number of rooms which can only be reserved by registered harp participants. Sharing rooms is an option…let the Inn or Nancy know if this is your choice. 
The Inn’s room rates include breakfast.    
Lunches: pay as you go; vegetarian options available.      719-738-5700
118 W 6th St, Walsenburg, CO 81089

2021  La Plaza is closed for 9 months.
 Best Western (includes breakfast) 719-738-5700 mention the Harp Retreat
 The Anchor Motel    Walsenburg    small but clean rooms  no breakfast
 The Loft    Walsenburg    no breakfast

Harp Needs  

Need a harp? If you do not want to bring your harp, 
contact David Kolacny:           
Harp room: at La Plaza where all harps may be left until Sunday noon (or later if arranged with
the Inn). No need to lug harps back and forth. While the harp room is locked at night, the Spanish
Peaks Harp Retreat does not take any responsibilty for the harps.

2021 will update on availability of leaving harps in a secure space

Refund Policy:
Full refunds (minus $10) until July 15.  
Half refunds up to August 31.  No refunds after September 1.
Questions: call Nancy at  978-369-2712 (EST);
  719-207-9808 (Colorado, June 15-Oct. 1)