Three years ago, the Spanish Peaks Harp Retreat put out a request for used harps to be donated to the schools in Huerfano County.  We were delighted when several harps were given to us.  From a loan of four harpsicles in the La Veta School to two wood harps and one pipe harp in the Gardner School, the donations are so very appreciated..  One music teacher followed up by having her young students perform with these harps.  Other teachers put the instruments in their classrooms and let the students just play them.


Then Vie Lidmark, a harpist  and harp teacher from Colorado Springs, offered to give a free session to the interested teachers and some of their students.  Vie has offered this two years now and the students leave her session with an ability to play a simple tune and with a basic understanding of the harp. Vie jump started our Harps for Huerfano Program and we are eternally grateful to her for her continued support.


We expanded the “Harps for Huerfano” program in 2016.  The goal was to bring a harp teacher into the schools on an occasional basis.  Professional musician and harper, Kim McKee, has worked with the Gardner School children this past year.  Under the direction of part time music teacher Johnnye Dee Mullen, a Holiday Program was put together using the harps (and Kim).  This is just a start.  We now hope to find some funding to continue music and harp in this school.  

2017 update: Jacqueline Quick ,  a harp retreat participant, has donated a beautiful Stoney End 29 string harp fully levered. This gift will be so beneficial for those children who have mastered hand positions and are ready to advance.  A new participant to the Harp Retreat, Bruce Panetti, has also donated a MusicMaker harp he made from a kit.  David Kolacny, our patron saint of all matters Harp, has put some levers on this instrument and also convinced one of his costumers to donate another Stoney End harp to the Gardner School.  A long term friend of the harp retreat has lent us still another harpsicle (making a total of 6) for the Gardner School.  A new music teacher at Gardner is continuing our  harp program.  We are now beginning to solicit donations to cover the cost of bringing harp teachers to the school .  The Harp Retreat is a 501C3 non profit: any donations are tax deductable.