Saturday 28, 2019

9 am - 3 pm

noon - 1 pm lunch 

Chris will cover three topics in the course of his his one-day guitar retreat 

1) Flatpick Heaven: The Guitar in traditional Irish and Scottish Music.

Create great “open-sounding” accompaniments for traditional tunes without resorting to DADGAD, explore interesting and appropriate rhythms and even learn to flatpick a tune with an authentic ornament or two!

 2) Swing guitar: hints and tips for jazzing up your folk styles

 Learn Chris's genius hacks – 20 shapes that will give you 99% of what you’ll ever  need  to accompany tunes of virtually any style.

3) Create something new: How to combine the “open” and “closed” chord methods to create interesting song and tune accompaniments.

The two entirely different techniques taught in the first two workshops are combined to inspire endless possibilities for song and tune accompaniments.